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Shows on November 22nd 2019
  • Friday November 22nd 10:00PM - Laugh Factory Chicago
  • PAID or PAIN
  • Tired of being tortured by bad comedy? Awful comedy should be punishable! In this unique comedy show, comedians perform and the audience decides if they should be PAID cash or administered PAIN by a dominatrix. The show opens with our host, Jay Nog and a special guest host, who introduce two established comedians as judges to warm up the crowd by playing an interactive games with the audience. Next, Jay and the guest host bring on a headlining comedian to perform, and then they introduce the house dominatrix for the evening and explain the rules for PAID or PAIN. Now the competition begins: four stand-up comedians compete to either get “PAID” cash for their performance or receive “PAIN” from our house dominatrix. Our special guests will give the contestants some feedback from their set. Then, it’s time for YOU to decide! If the audience votes for a comedian to receive “PAIN,” he or she must pick a card from the “Deck of Pain,” and the dominatrix will administer whatever the card says: paddling in pink panties, clothes-pin nipple clamp Christmas tree, cat-tail lashings, or one of many others (always with a hearty stock of hot wax on call). The show ends with another performance from a headlining comedian. The only show where the audience controls the fate of the performer: PAID or PAIN?!